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Share your Story to help others (and maybe yourself too)

Our lives are full of stories

Stories of love, loss, success, failure, hope, pain, anger, joy, grief, awe....

I would love to hear your story so you can feel heard, let the story out and help others sharing a similar experience

This is not a commercial project but intended as a gift

- to be presented as an Ebook

Your confidentially is assured

(message or phone me)

accompanying images welcome


My first 2 projects are:

Sibling Loss

your thoughts, feelings, experiences, anything you want to share

Small & Micro Business 

start ups, successes, failures, learnings, decisions, effects on your personal life and family


Grief & Loss

whatever that is for you - loss of job, partner, child, parent, friend, lover, pet, status, mobility....


is there a story about anything that matters to you that you have been burning to tell?



Loss of Siblings.


This subject is close to my heart and soul as I lost both of my sisters when I was a teenager.


I know it stays with you forever, although I also know it is not a barrier to a good life.


I am beginning a project to write an E-Book compiled of stories from others who have lost that very special person in their lives - either a brother or a sister.

If you have a story you would like to share about that loss - the pain, the memories, the lows, the highs and perhaps the glimmer of hope that might help others in their journey of grief by understanding what others have experienced.

This is not a commercial project, but intended to be a gift to those experiencing a similar loss.

If you are interested, please message or email me with your story from this site, through my website or you are welcome to give me a call on +61425742394 if you wish to book an online counselling session within Australia. Overseas counselling appointments can also be organized over Zoom, What's App, Facetime or Skype.

Confidentiality ensured. Any images also welcome.

I am initially looking for stories from fellow Australians but open to suggestions from people from other countries.

If anyone also wants to join my group Loss of Siblings Melbourne on facebook to interact there, you would be most welcome.


Wishing you love and hope

Counselling Calma


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