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What is Positive Thinking?

Updated: Oct 11, 2020

Positive thinking

In everyday life we are faced with all kinds of events that have a positive or negative echo in our inner life. The meaning that we give to experiences we had in our life help us to achieve a number of changes both mental and physical.

Mental strength that some people show in front of stressful events, the fact they are optimistic, leads to benefits or personal development. Finding a purpose, a reason for evolution in events that we face reduces depression and anxiety. It doesn’t matter what kind of meaning or personal development we find as long as it finds positive effects in our experience.

Our mind is the one that creates the universe and if we leave it “trapped” in certain unresolved conflicts or “poisoned” with negative thoughts than we are the ones who put the obstacles . Maybe not all things go as you wish in your life, but worries will only make you confused. They stop you being you and won’t let you reach performance, discover your wonderful treasures inside.

Why worry if you can solve a problem? And why worry if you can not solve anything? To allow us to improve physical and mental wellbeing we need to change our dysfunctional behavior by changing our way of thinking, how to relate the events, through awareness mechanism that makes us remain trapped in certain types of reactions.

Positive thinking is an attitude that some people have and allows them to find more easily solutions, positive aspects of situations they face. It is not just about optimism, but also to constructive orientation “allows you to see what can be done in different situations .

Your thoughts create the reality you live in. We create our life with thoughts we have every day. Often feelings of insecurity and anxiety occur because we have negative thoughts about ourselves. Therefore we have attitudes that can influence reality.

Attitude has to be in a relatively stable relationship between feelings, beliefs and tendencies to action, leads us to orient in a particular way towards people, things, ideas or objects. Sometimes our beliefs can have a strong disruptive temper if our life experiences have strengthened dysfunctional beliefs and may also block our evolution.

Positive thinking can be cultivated by anyone who wants this. Positive thinking requires a certain cognitive structure, emotional and behavioral in front of  people, a certain way to “see” yourself and others, to understand, feel and act in relationship with others, the situation you are facing, constructive and efficient.

People who have a positive mind do better in difficult situations, have greater physical and intellectual capacity, better withstand to stressful situations and generally are able to obtain better results than others with similar skills. They also recover faster if they were affected by a disease or an accident and seems even to have greater resistance to disease.

Obstacles in our lives, problems and failures helps us getting closer to the center of our being. If you look at all these things as some challenges that makes us stronger, more courageous and accept changes in our lives, we cease to be captives of our own way of thinking. Slavery is a matter of mentality. Free your mind and your soul will be free!

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