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Self Knowledge

Updated: Sep 18, 2020

Self knowledge

In life we ​​have many lessons to learn and every time we learned a lesson another came in its place. We repeat the same mistakes until we learn the lesson and then move on. Therefore it is very important to learn how we feel how we react, to know who we are and how we function.

All this process of self-knowledge must be made from self-love because the most important person in your life it’s yourself. You can not pretend that you love others if you do not feel love for yourself. How could someone else love you, if you don’t like yourself? You’re the only person you can not avoid, if you don’t like it you can not run from it.

When was the last time you thanked your body for what it does for you? He serves faithfully for you to be happy, so you in return to be grateful and feed it healthy, you should take care of him as he takes care of you. You have to see beyond your mind that says you’re ugly, fat or other similar harmful tags that your mind give to your body.

Look at yourself in the mirror and say “I love you!” Can you do that or words stop in your neck? Maybe you have a slight suffocation, or you can get embarrassed. Why are you so hard to love yourself? You do not you deserve it? When I first said “ I love you ” I felt a thrilled heart and a good feeling. Try it every day as many times until you can shout loud when you look in the mirror “I love you!”

When you love yourself, that love can be seen inside and outside your body. Forget the criticism and accept yourself as you are because you’re beautiful. People who love themselves glow, radiate because they are happy. They say that true happiness comes from within, and the truth is that it starts with self-love. Any emotional problems you have to solve, it starts with self-love.

If you’re proud it does not mean you love yourself, on the contrary, it means that you hav a lack of self-love. There is no limit to how much you can love yourself, there is no greater love. Inside you there is a fountain of love, just let it flow freely, you will be invaded with love.

You often do things that you know are not beneficial, but you do them anyway. You know stomach hurts from your morning coffee but you drink it anyway and then blame you because you did. You know you watch violent movies that will give you nightmares at night, but nevertheless can not resist the temptation of watching them. You know this song gives you a bad temper or agitation but you listen just because it is fashionable. All these things you do, despite they are of any good, they emerge from a lack of self-love. Because if we would love us we should take care of us and choose daily those things which are for our growth as people. You decide how to act, but if you choose to hurt yourself is because you think you’re not worthy of love, you do not deserve love. When you decide you deserve, that would be the first step towards self-love and then to self-discovery, to self-awareness.

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