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How do you know you are happy?

What are the things that make you feel happy?

Is it during quiet times to yourself, such as out fishing with your dog?

Perhaps it is when you are having a drawing session with your children.

Maybe it is when you see a nice nest egg in your bank balance.

Then, again, it might be when you book a holiday to the place you have always wanted to go.

Pottering in the garden, oblivious to the world, at a social gathering with friends and family, getting a hug from some-one you love, completing a project at home or work......

In a sense, life is a collection of moments. There are, for most of us, moments of joy, of love, moments of fun, moments of contentment or aspiration, moments of decisiveness or those of high energy. Some of these moments are fleeting and others last much longer.

Generally, those special moments, where you really feel good are quite simple things. Learn to pay attention to your feelings, so you can recognise and build awareness of those times and what they mean for you.

On the other side, there are moments that involve fear, pain, loss, grief, anger, dismay, sadness, disbelief, shock. Again, some of these may last seconds or minutes, but others may become part of your everyday life.

Professional counsellors can help you to work through though the many issues you face such as relationship counselling, stages of grief, grief therapy, couples therapy, marriage counselling, depression and anxiety, financial counselling, body image and weight loss ....and so much more.

Counselling Calma offer online counselling services during these difficult Covid19 times and free online or phone introductory sessions for up to 20 minutes.

But also, don't forget to think about and become more aware of the things that make you happy and how you can learn to manage your life and time to get more of those things.

Write a list of 10 moments that have made you feel happy. Re-write the list or add to it every time something makes you feel good. This exercise can be very helpful in working out just what makes you feel good and what you want to achieve in your life.

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