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Anxiety & depression, relationship/marriage Issues, small business mentoring, financial counseling, 

 grief & loss counselling, confidence & self esteem issues, a healthier, leaner You  -

consultations - online counselling services - Australia

On-line, phone or text sessions available.   Based in Melbourne, accessible Australia wide.

relationsips counselling

About Counselling

Professional counselling is a safe and confidential* collaboration between qualified counsellors and clients to promote mental health and wellbeing, enhance self awareness, while working to resolve identified concerns.


Clients are active participants in the counselling process at every stage.


This may be short term, long term, or over a lifetime, according to each clients’ needs.

Counsellors are fully present with their clients, using empathy and deep listening to establish positive working relationships and help clients feel safe, understood, respected, and accepted without judgement.


relationsips counselling

How can I help you?

In an online or face to face counselling session we work together to discover your personal story and your personal experiences, aiming to help you gain greater awareness of patterns or beliefs that may be holding you back from achieving your goals and desired outcomes.  


Relationship counselling and Grief Loss Counselling covers the greater proportion of the things that trouble us.


For example, in small business counselling you are dealing with relationships all the time - your co-workers, staff members, financial advisors and stakeholders, the relationship with your family while you are bunkered down in your work.


Grief Loss Counselling covers everything from loss of a loved one, loss of mobility, grief over the death of a treasured pet, grief because you have lost your job, your hearing or your mobility.  Loss of your way of life, your many things.

Financial counselling may involve the trouble financial stress or success impacts on your relationship or your business.  You may be suffering from the loss of financial status or grieving over a change of circumstances.

Relationship counselling may be because you and your life partner are having difficulties.  It may be a relationship with your neighbour, a parent or child, or another family member -  or your boss.  Or you may be suffering from the loss of a friend and experiencing grief because of it.


Anxiety and Depression Counselling needs could come from problems in your relationships, or experiences of grief or loss.  Working to resolve those issues, can help you overcome anxiety and depressive episodes.


You might be looking for self esteem and confidence counselling to help you overcome shyness and a wide range of personal fears.  Looking at your strengths and looking for positives in you and you life can do wonders in improving your relationships - with yourself and with those you care for. 

Health and Wellbeing Counselling is designed to help you improve your relationship with your body and how you look after it - and we can work together to gain greater control over your weight, your body image and your health in general.  You may be feeling the loss of energy, motivation or that 'younger body'.  Achieving greater health can improve relationships, give you a feeling of achievement and satisfaction and a greater zest for life3 at any age.



Counselling Services - Online Therapy

You are welcome to email or call for a 20 minute free consultation online to discuss your issues and needs.

couples counselling
"Until you make the unconscious, conscious, it will direct your life - and you will call it fate"
Carl Jung

Anna, Online, Melbourne

Jennifer was so kind and empathetic, I felt really listened to.

I felt heard and understood

She has given me more confidence to manage my life and my relationships


Judy, Online, SA

I found motherhood really difficult and not the joyful experience I had been hoping for.  I felt like a bad mother and guilty of not loving my daughter enough. I was always tired and stressed.  Jenny helped me explore my feelings and helped me understand why I might feel certain things.  She helped me work on my health and my confidence and who I wanted to be.  I am so much closer to my daughter now. Thanks Jenny


Alistair, Online, Victoria

Life can be really tricky and I went from being always anxious and even depressed to hyper energy.  Jenny helped me recognise these swings and how they affected my life and ultimately to get medical help.  It has really helped and I still work with her to get my life in ordered after years of confusion.

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